Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! Today is the 3rd of January which means I'm a few days late making this post, but I wanted to write down my resolutions and the reasons behind them. At first I came up with 9 resolutions that I could carry out in 2015, but then I realised that I probably shouldn't try to rush into all these new things at once, so I've attempted to narrow them down a bit!

1) My first resolution was inspired by Alfie Deyes (aka PointlessBlog), which is to 'do more of what makes you happy'. I've realised that I'm constantly worrying about what other people think and holding back because of it, when in reality it doesn't matter what people think about the choices you make, simply because it is your life and no one else's. You shouldn't let other people's opinions control what you do in life. If you want to do something, then do it. (Unless it's something bad like stealing, then you probably shouldn't do that). 

2) My next resolution probably isn't as inspiring as the previous one, however it is definitely something that I am going to put a lot more effort into than I have in the past, and that is to actually practice my violin. I've been playing violin since year 7 (I'm in year 11 now) and I'm currently working at grade 3. I have a violin lesson once a week with my tutor at school, but I'd only ever practice at home about once every 3 months, if that. There's always been a thought in the back of my head about how I would be a lot better if I'd practiced regularly, so from now on, that is what I'm going to do. I've always liked playing an instrument, but I've never put in the effort or dedication that I'd needed. I know that playing the violin might not necessarily get me very far in life, but it is a good skill to have. I enjoy doing it, so this is why I have made this resolution.

3) My last resolution is to exercise daily. I know this is a fairly common New Year's Resolution, however I started exercising for around 15-20 minutes a day last year but I stopped, the main reasons being that I simply never got round to doing it or I just couldn't be bothered. However, this year I'm really going to try my best to stick to it and (hopefully) it'll eventually become a habit. I'm not exercising because I want to lose weight, I'm doing it to become healthier and a bit more active than I am now, because in all honesty, I'm not a very active person! 

As I said before, I'm going to put a lot of effort into making sure that these 3 resolutions don't fail miserably. I'd love to hear about any resolutions that you have for this year, so feel free to leave a comment!

See you in my next post,
Chloe x

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Inspirations And Influences

When I first created this blog I thought I'd have to spend a while just thinking of an interesting topic to write about. Recently I read Zoe Sugg's book 'Girl Online', in which the main character, Penny Porter, (aka Girl Online) creates a blog of her own to write about whatever she likes, maybe to get her thoughts off her chest or to see if any of her readers were experiencing a similar thing to her. This is when I realised that I shouldn't spend too long debating what I should say and how I should say it. A blog is all about sharing and expressing thoughts, so that is what I am going to do. I'm a 15 year old girl, so naturally I do find comfort and inspiration in watching youtubers who seem to relate to my everyday life and reading books that are set in the point of view of a teenager. I shouldn't be taking life too seriously (even though I have my GCSEs in 5 months, help), and I've realised that I should do things because they please me, and not because they please other people (in the least selfish way possible). Before I get off track and start rambling, I want to get down to the main point, and say that I'm making this post because of various things and people that have inspired me, and all of those things are very important to me, and have had a fairly big influence on my life. 

As I said before, Zoe's book was one of the main things that made me think 'you know what? I want to do that'. (I also want to go to New York and meet someone along the lines of Noah, but for now I'm not talking about that). Although Penny was anonymous on her blog, she still posted about her life and asked for her reader's thoughts and opinions. I want this blog to be a place where I can get something off my chest if I feel the need to, or just somewhere that I can talk about my most recent thoughts and ideas, or even something as simple as hobbies or places I'd like to visit. 

Zoe herself is a very influential person to thousands, even millions of people worldwide, especially teenagers such as me. She makes videos on youtube that thousands of people watch and enjoy daily. They can range from uplifting videos such as 'little ways to change your life', to helpful and down-to-earth videos such as how to deal with panic attacks and anxiety. Zoe has helped and inspired me so much over the past few years in many different ways. Her weekly videos often put me in a good mood, and as cheesy as this sounds, her bubbly personality is contagious. Even though she sometimes suffers from anxiety, she is constantly pushing herself and doing things that people like me could only dream of. However, Zoe also has many friends in her life such as Alfie, Louise and her brother Joe, who are always there for her when she needs support, and this reminds me how important family and friends are.

Lastly, I get a lot of my inspiration and influence from my family and friends. I'm an only child so I never really had someone my own age in my house who I could talk to, but my parents have always been the best family I could hope for and they are very good role models. I'm not someone who has lots of close friends, although I do have 3 very close friends who mean a lot to me. In fact, Sophie and Georgia are the ones who have played a big part in inspiring me to write this blog, so if you're reading this, thank you very much! 

These are some of the reasons that inspiration & influence are so important to me, because they show how much of an impact people can have on your life and how you see things. I feel like I've gone very off-topic in this post, but that doesn't matter because that's what blogs are all about! I'd absolutely love to read your thoughts and opinions if you read this, so feel free to leave a comment! I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post, I'd love to write more but it's gone 1 am so I should probably stop here. 

See you in my next post! 
Chloe x